Reasons to Hire a Clean Comedian for Your Corporate Event

6 Reasons to Hire A Corporate Comedian

Corporate events are usually incredibly dull affairs. The same events at the same venue planned by the same people can be boring & uninspiring for employees.

So what do we do spice things up a bit?

We think outside the box.

A growing trend for large corporate events is to bring some laughs to a normally dull affair. Event planners can achieve this by hiring a corporate comedian to serve as a keynote speaker.

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Pepsi, Facebook, GM & McDonald’s have hopped on the train in recent years and your company should be next!

Whether you are looking for a comedian to perform in either a “clean” or a “dirty” routine, there are a large number of options for you to pursue.

The best part is that corporate comedians are usually able to provide a unique experience to every different type of company. Regardless of the style of the corporate event that you are trying to create, there is an entertainer who can ensure a great time for your employees.

In this post, we will be highlighting some of the advantages of hiring clean stand up comedians.

It’s the Perfect Idea for a Corporate Event

Clean Corporate Comedian Jason Love
Corporate Comedian Jason Love provides clean comedy to a variety of large companies including Chevron, Google & Pepsi.

Hiring a clean comedian for your corporate event is super exciting and can transform your corporate event into a lively comedy club.

Although, corporate events are oriented for professional development, throwing in a 30-minute stand-up comedy show might be just what your company needs!

Apart from the usual corporate agenda, featuring a witty comedian may stir up more potential attendees. It can increase interest and can help to improve the morale for the rest of your event.

It’s like giving your employees free tickets to America’s Got Talent!

Can Change the Perspective of Your Fellow Employees

How you conduct an event is really important. What employees think about the company is a serious factor to consider when planning a corporate event. Employee’s opinions matter because they are the public voice that represents the company.

The last thing you want is your employees posting negative reviews about how poorly your company takes care of its employees.

Corporate offices that host events with comedians help to establish that a company has a sense of humor, and treats their employees to “above and beyond” perks.

Promote a “Better-Relationship” at Office

Office relationships can improve through such events. If you hire a proficient comedian for a corporate event, you will promote better relationships.

Your office colleagues, managers, and bosses will always have an epic memory to talk about.

Every company wishes that they were able to improve the morale of their workers and making employees laugh is a proven way to do just that.

Luckily for you, there are people out there who specialize in getting audiences laughing.

A Comedian Can Promote and Market Your Corporate Brand

If you have ever attended a comic standoff than you know that comic performers usually start with an introduction about their past performances. They usually announce the places that they have performed at.

Specifically, with corporate comedians, they also mention the company names that they have worked with.

After performing at your event, your brand will be verbally marketed and positioned as a company that treats their employees right!

Especially with social media, it has never been easier to show off these special events to potential employees.

Increase Creativity & Productivity at Work

Comedy at your corporate event may be more beneficial than you assume. Humor helps to unlock personalities and enhance productivity.

A good sense of humor can help to promote a stronger comfort zone at the workplace. Thus, promoting stronger relationships and increasing creativity.

Make you the Rock Star of Your Office

This last reason is a little selfish, but it is undeniable! If you provide your coworkers with a great time, you will become the rock star of the office overnight. An extraordinary event planner is loved by everyone.

Before You Hire a Comedian…

  • Determine how “clean” you want the performance to be.
  • Make sure that the comedian’s style aligns with the message & brand that your company is trying to portray.
  • Ensure that its a professional who won’t offend your boss or colleagues. (Luckily for you, there are comedians who specialize in working with a corporate audience.)
  • Remember that not everyone can take a joke lightly, regardless of how small or insignificant the joke might be. 
  • Ensure that that comedian avoids “roasting” any one employee.

To accomplish this, make sure to conduct interviews prior to hiring your comedian. This will help you determine if a specific comedian is suitable for your event.

All Jokes Aside – Make Your Employees Happy

All jokes aside, if you really want to jazz up your corporate event, then hire a clean comedian who will simply make people laugh.

Featuring clean comedy for your corporate event isn’t new, but it isn’t common either.

By featuring a clean comedian as your corporate entertainment, you can really make a strong impression that you care about keeping employees happy.

At the same time, you will create a fun environment that will change the perception of your company overnight.